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While we should never disregard our health, now it is more important than ever to ensure we take care of ourselves and our loved ones. We have learned that people with underlying health issues or diseases have a harder time combatting or surviving any health-threatening viruses or illnesses. The formula is simple; better health = better immunity = a better chance at resisting health crises.

You have probably  heard sayings like “The  Greatest Wealth is Health”,  “Food is Medicine”, that the “Standard American Diet” leads to “Standard American Disease” and that eating “real”, unprocessed, whole foods, mostly plants, can prevent, halt or sometimes even reverse chronic disease.

It seems like an overwhelming task to change your lifestyle and eating habits, but I have developed a plan just for you! You can do it!



“Prioritize your Health NOW” is an 12-week online group workshop that includes a step-by-step system to get you back on track. Instead of waiting for the next New Year to come around, make the most of your increased time at home by taking action NOW to get back in control of your health and wellbeing. Don’t waste precious time!

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In the “12 Weeks to Healthier You” program you will learn:

  • How lifestyle/food and wellness/illness are related and how to get back in charge of your own health
  • How to effectively plan and organize your and your family’s health, energy and immunity
  • How the Food Industry (Big Food) works and sabotages your health and weight and how you can break away from it
  • How food is the problem, and food is the solution!
  • How to tell real food from processed “junk” food and how to read food labels
  • How to take stock of your kitchen inventory (both pantry and equipment)
  • How to use methods, tools and recipes to simplify feeding your family and yourself
  • How to rediscover your kitchen and cook healthy “real food” meals including more plants
  • How to incorporate healthy activity and movement into your daily life, despite your hectic schedule!
  • How your work life influences your wellness status
  • How to identify potential pitfalls and develop strategies to overcome them
  • How to create realistic goals, an action plan, and get organized (“failing to plan is planning to fail”)
  • How to manage stress, holidays, eating out and unsupportive (yet!) friends and family
  • How to surround yourself with healthy like-minded people and to build your healthy “tribe”
  • How to make wellness your habit with “real food” and lifelong fitness
  • How to have fun with food again and lose some pounds along the way!

“12 Weeks to a Healthier You” includes:

  • twelve weekly online group coaching sessions
  • two private coaching calls
  • realistic goal setting and an action plan
  • group workouts and suggestions for daily healthy activity
  • unlimited access to Constance’s online fitness classes (Strength Training, TRX, Low Impact Cardio & Strength, and Foam Rolling & Stretch)
  • an easy 7-day meal plan with shopping list and recipes that you can edit, replicate and mix & match
  • best in class resources from the Health and Wellness industry
  • Access to Constance’s eBook “Better Health for Busy People” as your own workbook and resource with 40+ recipes
  • highly knowledgeable guest speakers on sleep, meal planning, and stress
  • a deeply supportive community including a private Facebook group
  • To set you up for LIFE.
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It’s time to take action now and to get back in charge of your own health. Sign up for my newest group program “12 Weeks to a Healthier You” and you’ll be ready to rock your future healthy self!

Contact me for a free 30 min “You, Me, and a Cup of Tea” health consultation or sign up for the course by clicking the Buy Now button below!

Group sessions will be held at a mutual time, TBD

Course Fee: $1299
($1199 for former clients and if you bring a friend etc. Contact me for coupon code).



“Constance has been an amazing coach in my transformation to a healthy lifestyle (I lost 20lbs) which includes not only a daily exercise routine but even more importantly wise meal choices during the remaining 23 hours of the day.”

Julia Sieber

“Paying attention to health and weight all my life, I turned to Constance last year for more help in terms of better nutrition and a regular exercise regimen. I became more aware of my eating and lifestyle habits and learned how to incorporate more “real food” into my daily diet. Her eBook “Better Health for Busy People” has a great selection of vegetarian recipes, snacks, smoothies etc. for this purpose. As a fitness instructor Constance has the motivational skills, so I also increased working out more often than before her coaching”.

Irmgard Lafrentz