“There is no Greater Wealth than Health”

Yesterday I woke up to an article on LinkedIN about a saying related to Steve Jobs, Tech Pioneer and co-founder of Apple, Inc., that kept me thinking all day: “There is no Greater Wealth than Health”.

Sadly, as Steve Jobs contemplated his life before succumbing to pancreatic cancer, he realized his considerable personal achievements, fame, and fortune were meaningless when faced with the reality of a cancer diagnoses that in his case could not be treated successfully.

While there is no guarantee that a healthy lifestyle prevents all major diseases (factors like genetics, environmental exposure etc. play a role as well), the time to care for your healthy future is now. We are familiar with financial planning experts who encourage us to save money for future retirement wealth. Well, the same is true for future retirement health. Working on good health is like putting money into a bank account to enjoy for later. You make small daily deposits of good sleep, nutrition and exercise for a long time and have a much better chance of living a healthy life later on.

So aim for good sleep, nutrition and exercise:

Sleep: Sleep is  the “Swiss army knife of Health” as sleep deprivation is linked to every major disease. Sufficient sleep replenishes and restores our bodies more than we even realize.

Nutrition: Good nutrition is the fuel that helps renew cells and healthy tissue, organs, and lean body mass.

Exercise: Exercise and physical activity are great ways to feel better, boost your health and have fun. Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

Investing in these not only will make you feel better day in and out, but also give you a better shot at a prolonged healthy life later further down the road.

In health, Constance